A new season, a new blog

Posted on February 15th, 2007 – 11:47 AM
By chad

Baseball beat reporting has changed a lot since I started doing this in 1998. That year, when I covered the San Diego Padres en route to the World Series, I didn’t even have a computer with Internet access. These days, I feel clueless if I don’t spend an hour each morning scanning the web for baseball news.

This blog is my attempt to take you along with me, as I try to provide the Star Tribune with the best baseball coverage possible. When an interesting story catches my eye, I’ll give you the link. When I get a scoop, I’ll try to tell you here first. When I stumble upon some fun behind-the-scenes stories while checking in on the Twins and other teams in spring training, I’ll share them here. Occasionally, I’ll answer some of your most pressing questions, especially as the season gets under way.

As a traditionalist, I still hope my best work appears in our newspaper’s morning edition. But the beautiful thing about a blog, is I now have limitless space here and no real deadlines. My colleague, La Velle E. Neal III, has his own blog. He’s our main Twins beat writer, and trust me, he’ll keep things interesting over there.

I spend a lot of time around the Twins, too, but as our national writer, I need to keep an eye on developments around the game. Frankly, I could use your help. So fill up the comment section. Pitchers and catchers are reporting. Let’s get the ball rolling and have some fun!

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