Santana denies report

Posted on April 11th, 2007 – 4:39 PM
By Joe Christensen

Johan Santana today said he has not cut off negotiations with the Twins over a contract extension and said he did not know of the team making a two-year extension offer. His words directly refuted a story today by

“I’m wondering who said that because as far as I know I haven’t talked to anybody about anything. And I’m pretty sure that you guys [Twin Cities reporters] would be the first to know because you are always around. So it doesn’t make any sense that any of you would make those kind of comments.

“I tell [the Twins] the sooner the better. You know, it’s up to them to make something happen. So I’ve got a good relationship with them so whatever they want to do. But they said it’s a team policy they don’t negotiate during the season. They made that clear with [Justin] Morneau and the other guys. If that’s the way it is, that’s the way it is.

“I’m not a rule breaker, so if they want to break their own rules, it’s up to them, it’s not up to me.”

Santana made one thing clear: “I’m not closing the door. If I was closing the door, I would have said I’m out of here. I’ve never said anything like that. So it’s always there.”

Was he offered a two-year extension?

“Like I said, we haven’t talked about anything. That’s why I’m surprised. I don’t negotiate through the media.”

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