Twins sweep and the Blizzard of Oz

Posted on May 30th, 2007 – 4:19 PM
By Joe Christensen

Ozzie2.jpgSwept at the Dome after blowing a 6-1 lead to the Twins on Wednesday, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen praised the Twins (of course), blamed himself, told his team to look in the mirror and basically went off the deep end. Couch that. Ozzie wears his emotions on his sleeve and often goes off the deep end. But I thought this stuff was pretty deep:

“There’s no doubt they outplayed us. We looked like Little Leaguers over there. It’s embarrassing to come out and play games like that. … It was a pathetic week. … This ballclub better look themselves in the mirror and think about what they’re going to do.

“I’m willing to take the blame. I will take the blame like I always do. The 25 guys we’ve got down there, they better look themselves in the mirror.

“I keep blowing smoke when we face [the Twins]. But I know a little bit about baseball, and that’s a baseball team out there. A good one. Know what I mean? People say look in the mirror, play like those guys play. They compete as a team. They get you as a team, and that’s why they win, and that’s why they have five or six division titles. No one gives it to them. I’m the only one in baseball who ever gives those guys credit. Because they deserve credit. They come here, they show up and kick our butt.

“Right now, it’s not only the Twins. Everybody in the American League is going to take advantage of us. Like I said before I’m going to take full responsibility for this. If you’re going to blame somebody, blame me. And meanwhile, those 25 guys they’re professionals, they get paid pretty good money, and they’ve got to do their job.

“Offense, defense, pitching, manager, coaches, we all stink. Kenny [Williams], everybody who’s part of this organization, I don’t think they should be happy with this ballclub.”

“I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to do a job, and I’m not doing my job right now. Obviously, I’m not. We’ve got to get out of here and forget about this, and continue to play better, if we can. If not, somebody else will.”

(Are changes coming?)

“That’s up to Kenny Williams. I’d love to. I mean, I’m sitting here watching this from July last year to right now, same bull. I’m going to get fired? Good. Is this team going to get better having me out of there? I’d be too happy with it. But as long as I’m here, we’ve got to play better. As long as I’m here, we have to play better. And if this ballclub would play better without me and my coaching staff, we have to step it up. I’m embarrassed. And I don’t even play. Not that we got beat, the way we performed.”

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