Twins 8, Angels 5: Revenge of the Piranhas

Posted on June 6th, 2007 – 5:35 PM
By Joe Christensen

Piranhas2.jpgSo, like, who didn’t see this coming?

Punto hits a three-run, lead-changing home run off Cy Lackey, Bartlett adds his first homer of the season, and Slowey survives a rocky start to earn his first major league victory. Oh yeah, and Castillo commits his first error in 144 games.

According to our instant poll, Mauer’s injury was considered the season’s biggest disappointment, receiving 35 percent of the votes, followed by Punto’s offense (14 percent). Bartlett received 4 percent.

In the other other poll, Torii was listed as the season’s biggest surprise, receiving 39 percent of the vote, followed by Redmond (26 percent) and Silva (18 percent).

I tracked much different results in the comments section, however. Terry Ryan (with no help from Carl Pohlad) seemed the clear front-runner in the disappointment dept. Silva was edging Torii in the surprise dept.

But the Twins are coming home at .500, at 29-29. Our arguments here will never stop, but you can always count on baseball to keep things unpredictable on the field.

And before I sign off to get some actual newspaper writing done, I’d like to honor Ryan for my favorite comment to date. With everyone patting their own back for the Mauer-to-the-2-spot advice, the comments kept getting funnier. Ryan (no relation to the GM) topped it off with this:

After God created the world, right before he rested on the seventh day, he said “Let us create Mauer, creation’s best #2 hitter.”

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