Tuesday outlook

Posted on August 28th, 2007 – 12:41 PM
By Joe Christensen

So yesterday, I zeroed in on the statistics Paul Byrd and Carlos Silva had generated in their past three starts, thinking that might be some kind of indicator for how Game 1 of this pivotal series would go. I should create a new category for that post: Pure Blogging Buffoonery.

What seemed more relevant, as La Velle pointed out in his series preview box, and our editors reminded us with a big graphic in today’s print editions, was how Byrd and Silva had fared against their respective opponents. For some ridiculous reason, the Twins can barely touch Byrd, and the Indians pretty much own Silva. With that in mind, here are some numbers heading into Game 2:

Past 3 starts

Pitcher W-L ERA
Bonser 1-2 5.71 (15.1 hits and walks per game)
Westbrook 1-1 2.05 (9.0 hits and walks per game)

Career vs. Opponent

Pitcher W-L ERA
Bonser 0-1 7.56 (2 starts, including a 10-4 loss at Cleveland July 27)
Westbrook 6-8 3.58 (21 games, including 3-2 loss at Cleveland July 28)

(Note – Jason Tyner hit his only major league home run off Westbrook to give the Twins a 1-0 lead in the third inning on July 28.)

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