How will the Young trade affect the Santana talks?

Posted on November 29th, 2007 – 10:11 AM
By Joe Christensen

Two perspectives on the Delmon Young trade: John Romano, of the St. Pete Times, questions whether Tampa Bay got enough in return. And Aaron Gleeman, who notes, among other things, that Eduardo Morlan is a top-flight relief prospect, concludes that the Twins will need Young to become a perennial All-Star to make this deal pan out.

I like the deal for the Twins because I think they trusted their instincts that Young will become the bigger superstar than Garza over his career. They based that on what they knew of Garza’s makeup (and they’d better have that one right) and what they could assume with Young, who seemed like the classic case of a player in need of a change of scenery.

Gleeman’s breakdown of all six individuals is solid and worth your time. An NL GM told me last night that Harris isn’t an everyday shortstop, but he can move around the infield, hits enough and will be “a good Twin.” Still, this team has a gaping new hole at shortstop.

The Twins entered Wednesday heavy on pitching prospects and light on position prospects. That balance changed when they shipped Garza away for Young. Now, the Twins almost certainly would need to land one of the game’s premier pitching prospects in any Santana trade. For that reason, I think the Yankees (Phil Hughes) and Red Sox (Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz) are way in front of the Mets, who simply don’t have the pitching prospects. That is why the Mets would probably have to include SS Jose Reyes in the deal, and as Omar Minaya told Joel Sherman yesterday, that isn’t happening.

“I like going after the big fish, but I can’t rob Peter to pay Paul,” Minaya said. “I’m not getting rid of Jose Reyes.”

In the end, I think the Red Sox are going to keep driving up the price, but the Yankees will be the ones making this happen behind new wheeler dealer Hank Steinbrenner. I asked a couple New York writers yesterday if the Yankees would have any problem giving Santana the required six-year, $150 million contract extension. They just chuckled and basically said, “Ah, no.”

From this NY Post story by Sherman and George King, it sounds like the Twins are asking for the moon.

The Yankees have learned in the past 24-48 hours that the initial asking price by the Twins is exorbitant, well beyond just the Phil Hughes/Melky Cabrera level that had been generally anticipated.

One can guess that means the Twins are insisting upon the likes of Robinson Cano or Joba Chamberlain. At this stage of the game, why not? The Twins don’t have to do this deal until they get the offer they want. I know the price for Delmon was high, but adding him to the mix sure makes things interesting.

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