More reaction to the Santana trade

Posted on January 30th, 2008 – 1:33 PM
By Joe Christensen

I spoke to several Twins players yesterday, and none of them criticized the Johan Santana trade.

A selection of the responses made it into our coverage. I’ll take advantage of unlimited space here on the blog to give you some more, starting with a full e-mail from Justin Morneau:

I think it was a move that we were all expecting and waiting to happen, but at the same time anytime you lose the best pitcher in baseball it still hurts.

Now we must move on and get ready for the upcoming season without him. We now have our centre fielder and leadoff hitter that we needed and added some good arms at the same time.

I think it will be a few years before we can really see who got the better of the trade, but I do remember a trade of our starting catcher a few years ago for some players that not too many people knew, and they ended up being three very good major league players.

Now the rest of the guys are just going to have to step up and there are plenty of opportunities in spring for everyone. I still believe we are young and talented and can make the playoffs.

Mike Redmond said he was watching a movie yesterday afternoon and figured something major must have happened when his cell phone started “blowing up.” Redmond said:

Personally, I’m happy we traded him to the Mets. These next couple years, I don’t want to have to face Johan Santana to try to get to the playoffs, or to get through the playoffs. At least this won’t make another AL team stronger.

I know the Twins work hard, and I’ll bet there have been a lot of sleepless nights over whether they were getting enough value. Who’s to say one of these guys we’re getting isn’t the next Johan Santana?

To a man, all of them sounded relieved that the situation was getting resolved before spring training. They received countless questions about Santana all winter, especially on the Twins Caravan and at TwinsFest. Michael Cuddyer added:

You’re not going to have those same questions every day. It’s not going to be a distraction going into spring training.

Now we can just talk about the players that we’ve got here, and then we can just go into spring training and talk about playing baseball.

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