New day, new computer

Posted on February 23rd, 2008 – 8:34 AM
By Joe Christensen

My computer crashed Thursday night, and a story I’d been working on for Sunday went with it.

I called our IT support desk at 9:14 (Eastern). By 10, our newsroom’s computer guru, Dan Barnes, had put my mind at ease. He got a replacement laptop ready and put it on the first flight to Fort Myers yesterday.

I picked it up at the Northwest baggage claim at noon and finished the story in time for our early Sunday editions, which hit the newstand today.

Anyway, just writing this to explain the blogging hiatus. La Velle had us covered on news, and today, Souhan is in the house. This is the first full-squad workout. In a few minutes, we’ll be watching the new infield perform the team’s Good Morning America drill. Can’t wait to watch.

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