Gardenhire impressed by Gomez

Posted on February 29th, 2008 – 9:40 PM
By Joe Christensen

FORT MYERS — An exchange from Ron Gardenhire’s postgame press conference:

Reporter: Will Carlos Gomez get the league’s respect with that arm?

Gardy: If he’s in the league he will. (Laughter.) You had him in the league already? Very nice. He’s got a great arm. A very exciting player. We know that. As advertised. He’s got a cannon. We said that.

Probably as strong, if not stronger, as you’ll see in this league — if he’s in this league. We’re working on getting him in this league, and he’s going to have to do that.

That was a great throw. That raised a lot of eyebrows, and there was a lot of “Oh-my-goodnesses” in the dugout, and I was one of them. There’s a long ways to go in spring training, but that was as advertised.

Reporter: Did Gomez throw to the wrong base the next inning?

Gardy: (Explains that the 3B and 1B weren’t in position to cut off the throw.)

I think if we had a cutoff man there, we might have been able to cut the ball. We got a little confused in the infield, with two guys [Brian Buscher and Randy Ruiz] who don’t play together.

He had no chance at home, but you say that with most arms, “They don’t have a chance.” He might have a chance.

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