Twins 10, White Sox 6: Gardenhire gets the game ball

Posted on July 31st, 2008 – 11:46 PM
By Joe Christensen

So, how big was tonight’s 10-6 victory over the White Sox?

“That’s the best game by far, this year, emotionally,” Twins pitcher Scott Baker said. “I don’t know how many walk-offs we’ve had in the ninth inning, but that beats them all.”

The players gave Manager Ron Gardenhire the game ball, though he felt a little sheepish after drawing the fifth ejection of the season and 41st of his career.

“You know what, the umpires here are pretty good,” he said. “And I feel real bad about that, kicking my hat and causing all that ruckus out there. I don’t like that. I know my wife hates it.”

Carol Gardenhire was sitting right outside the clubhouse waiting for him as he said this.

The highlight came when her husband punted his cap. Amazingly, the cap soared about 15 feet in the air before landing flat as a pancake.

“Kicking the hat was probably a little much,” he said. “I hope Coach [Brad] Childress saw that, in case he ever needs a kicker.”

Two months to go, and Chicago has a one-game lead over the Twins in the loss column.

“If this is how fun it’s going to be,” Jason Kubel said, “we’ve got a lot to look forward to.”

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