Game 163 — a chance to live it all over again

Posted on December 20th, 2009 – 6:39 PM
By Joe Christensen

Shortly after the Twins’ season ended, Star Tribune sports editor Glen Crevier came up with the idea for an in-depth story reflecting on Game 163.

It all happened in such a blur, that 12-inning, see-saw epic to determine the AL Central title. The Twins won 6-5, in one of the most exciting games most of us could remember seeing. We tried doing it justice on deadline that night (Oct. 6), and had flights to New York first thing the next morning.

If the Twins had made an extended playoff run, the legend of Game 163 might have built, but the Yankees spoiled the fun with a three-game sweep. We knew it would make a great follow-up story, but first we needed to track down a copy of Game 163. It seems everyone had forgotten to set the DVR that night, myself included.

Eventually, the Twins helped us track down a copy, courtesy of TBS, and Jim Souhan spoke with several players and coaches for this story, which ran last weekend. Anyway, it was fun for us to go back and watch the actual telecast, and soon everyone else will have a chance, too.

The Twins and Fox Sports North have teamed up to present a look back at Game 163, telling the story through the eyes of people on and off the field. The first showing will come Christmas night. Eventually, there will be four showings (all at 7 p.m., on FSN):

Jan. 26
Feb. 15
March 9

This time, I’m going to be sure to hit ‘Record.’ For now, I’m curious what stands out the most from that game in your mind? What’s the first thing you think of when someone says, “Game 163?”

Update: KSTP AM-1500 also will be airing a replay of Game 163 on Thursday at 5 p.m., so check out that one for the call from John Gordon and Dan Gladden.

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