Trade Targets

Trade target series: Ty Wigginton

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Wiggy2.jpgThe readers have spoken. Your suggested trade list had some humor to it. Shocker #3 says, “I like sandwiches. Baker and Ford for 2 sandwiches and a minor league cola.”

There were some ridiculous names thrown out there: Barry Bonds, Roy Halladay and A-Rod. Several people were in fire sale mode: Trade Torii, Johan, Castillo … blah, blah, blah. Not in the wild-card era, folks. This opinion probably deserves its own post, but I really think adding one solid hitter, one power threat, can do wonders for this inconsistent lineup. Pitchers are having the best games of the season against the Twins (see Jae Seo, Jason Simontacchi, Levale Speigner, etc.) because they have no fear challenging 2/3 of the lineup. The Twins should change their slogan to Singles-R-Us.

So, we won’t be dissecting all of your theories, but I think it would be wise to study some of your most logical trade targets. I took hurried notes and it left me with a legal pad filled with chicken scratch, but these are the names I circled: Ty Wigginton, Morgan Ensberg, Edwin Encarnacion, Garret Atkins, Adam Dunn, Lastings Milledge, Mike Sweeney, Miguel Cabrera, Chad Tracy, Xavier Nady, Rocco Baldelli, Carlos Pena, Matt Stairs, Matt Murton, Jonny Gomes and Robb Quinlan. (Still taking your suggestions, too.)

Among those I won’t investigate are Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Braun. What color is the sky in your world? And Elijah Dukes. Really? Elijah Dukes? But the name we keep hearing out at the Metrodome is Ty Wigginton. So let’s get this party started. It’s time, we get to know these guys:

Name: Ty Wigginton, Devil Rays

Basics: He’s 29 (turns 30 Oct. 11). R/R, 6-0, 225 lbs, San Diego native. Went to UNC-Asheville.

Stats: Batting .264 with 11 homers and 33 RBI. A .312 on-base percentage (not good), and a .456 slugging percentage (that’s what we’re talking about). A .259 career hitter against righties and .279 against lefties.

Salary: $2.7 million (arbitration eligible after 2007, but not a free agent until after 2009)

Good Twin because: They like guys who can move around defensively. Wigginton has played 3B (5 E’s in 30 G’s this year), 1B, 2B and, of course, DH.

Available?: Probably, though the D’Rays are 29-33 and have enough young talent to where they might choose to keep what they have to make an even stronger run in 2008.

Probable cost: The guess here is the D-Rays would ask for a major league ready starter. Boof is a St. Pete native, so he’s always one to watch in trade talks with this team. No way Twins should part with Boof or Baker in this deal, unless they get a good prospect to go with Wigginton. But a budding Twins pitching prospect (ie: LHP Brian Duensing) wouldn’t be a bad one-for-one.

ChiefWiggum.jpgPotential Bat-Girl nickname (*You know, if she still ran the greatest blog ever): Chief Wigginton (New clubhouse leader. Suggestions?)

Odds this happens: 5-to-1. And you’ll find, as this series rolls along, those are some of the best odds you’ll see.