Cribsheet Conception

Posted on November 8th, 2006 – 2:50 PM
By Kay Krhin

Many of you have probably stumbled across our blog or linked to us from the home page. I just wanted to share how it all came about, from a glimmer in our eyes to fruition. May wrote this article that appeared in Star Tribune Source back in September.


Oh Baby It’s Blog Time

A secret locked room. Furtive comings and goings. Muted puffing sounds. For the longest time, we pumped alone.

Three, four, five women — the numbers ebbed and flowed like our milk — sharing a dreary lactation room that contained one (slightly stained) armchair, one side table and a stack of parenting magazines.

When I described it to a colleague, he said it reminded him of a story he wrote about sperm donation — same kind of room, different literature.

Then one woman tacked a makeshift schedule on the wall so we could coordinate pumping time for privacy. Others put up pictures of their babies. One day, I left a pad and pen and invited others to jot down random thoughts on parenthood and life.

My own first scribble — pen on paper! how quaint! — was a cry for help after I had gone back to work and my 4-month-old refused to take a bottle. My little Maya, the Indian iteration of which means Divine Force, showed her displeasure with a daytime hunger strike that lasted a week.

Miserable and missing my baby, I was afraid to call home for fear I’d hear the Divine Force screaming in the background.

My pumpmates consoled me by leaving web links on the pad directing me to helpful sites, or confessing to challenges of their own. Sleep deprivation. The pressures to breast-feed. One woman wrote a sweet goodbye letter to us. Her new baby made her realize she no longer wanted to spend two hours on the road every day. She was taking a job closer to home.

And so, a solitary pursuit became a little less solitary. Suddenly, it didn’t seem such a drag to troop upstairs to the secret fourth-floor pump room. There usually was something new to read and reflect on, a respite from the harried workday.

One mother, Kay Krhin, suggested we start a blog. If our small group were any indication, surely others were also bursting to share!

Luckily, our bosses at the Star Tribune agreed. The two of us — May and Kay — will write most of it, but its survival depends on you new dads and moms. We’re hoping you’ll rant or rave, join conversations and start new ones, tell us why we’re not crazy or why we are, and maybe even be a guest blogger now and then.

Is there anything as enriching as a new baby and as isolating at the same time?

Kay’s baby, Ben, is now 7 months old. She remembers when her husband went back to work, out-of-town relatives left and friends stopped bearing hot-dishes.

While Ben napped, she spent hours online, scouring parenting websites and reading message boards. But while there was a lot of stuff out there, she couldn’t find much that was local.

“I wanted to know things like, “Where can I walk indoors with my baby on a snowy day?” “What restaurants don’t look down their noses at strollers?” “Are there nearby mommy-baby yoga classes?”  ”Where are the local bargains for baby gear?”

So come on. Log on and tell us.

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