Is a fancy hot dog an oxymoron?

Posted on July 8th, 2009 – 1:45 PM
By John Ewoldt

An institution at the ballpark and the fair, the hot dog tastes like plain and simple Americana. Exotic, it’s not, no matter how fancy the mustard or relish. But today I got an email from iGourmet, the top notch specialty meat and cheese etailer in Pennsylvania. The company is selling a package of 16 dogs weighing a total of 3 pounds for $36. What’s exotic about the assortment is the meat. Four of the weiners are made from Canadian buffalo, four from Heritage pork, four from Pekin duck and four Angus beef.

All are uncured, fully cooked, skinless and made without artificial ingredients, antibiotics, growth hormones, nitrates or ’trites or preservatives.

A few local meat counters such as Lunds, Kowalski’s, Brothers or Kramarczuk’s sell bison or pork sausage/brats, but I could find no one selling a duck hot dog. According to igourmet, it’s the only duck dog on the market. Be the talk of the neighborhood grillout with your quacking dogs. Igourmet can also be reached at 1-877-igourmet.   

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