Price comparison at Save-A-Lot, Aldi and Wal-Mart

Posted on July 14th, 2009 – 9:25 AM
By John Ewoldt

In today’s Dollars & Sense column I wrote about Save-A-Lot, a Supervalu-owned grocery store similar to Aldi. It’s a smallish store selling mostly private labels with a few brand names thrown in. Although Save-A-Lot’s prices aren’t as cheap as Aldi, they’re close. In Litchfield, Minn., Save-A-Lot beat even Wal-Mart in my admittedly small price comparison of private label items (and one brand name). I did not taste test the various store brands, but consumers should know that all stores usually guarantee private label brands. Ask for a refund or replacement if you’re not satisfied with any store brand. (I have found that a receipt is rarely required since a store knows its own brand couldn’t have been purchased from a competitor.) Prices were checked on July 2 at the Save-A-Lot and Wal-Mart stores in Litchfield and Aldi on E. Lake Street in Minneapolis.


SAL: 50 cents (on sale)

Wal-Mart: 88 cents

Aldi: 69 cents

BANANAS (3 lbs.)

SAL: $1

Wal-Mart $2.01

Aldi: $1.17

KETCHUP (24 oz., store brands)

SAL: 93 cents

Wal-Mart: $1.04 (pro-rated from a 36 oz. bottle for $1.56)

Aldi: 77 cents

CANNED VEGETABLES (14.5 oz., various varieties, store brands)

SAL: 49 cents

Wal-Mart: 63 cents

Aldi: 49 cents


SAL: $3.99

Wal-Mart: $4.77

Aldi: $2.49

ASSORTED PEPPERS (green, red, yellow)

SAL: $4.29 for 4 (2-green, 1 red, 1 yellow)

Wal-Mart: $5.01 (pro-rated price of $3.76 for three)

Aldi: $3.32 (pro-rated price of $2.49 for three)

CHICKEN BROTH (14.5 oz. can, 99% fat-free, store brands)

SAL: 86 cents

Wal-Mart: 86 cents

Aldi: $1.29

CORN FLAKES CEREAL (18 oz. box, store brands)

SAL: $1.48

Wal-Mart: $1.48

Aldi: $1.35

SKIM MILK (1 gallon, store brands)

SAL: $1.59

Wal-Mart: $2.42

Aldi: $1.89

SUGAR (4 lbs., granulated, store brands)

SAL: $2.19

Wal-Mart: $2.11 (pro-rated based on 5 lbs. for $2.64)

Aldi: $2.34 (pro-rated based on 5 lbs. for $2.93)

GROUND BEEF (73-27 fat content, per lb.)

SAL: $2.29

Wal-Mart: $2.22

Aldi: $1.79 (fat content of 80-20)


Save-A-Lot: $19.61

Wal-Mart: $23.43

Aldi: $17.59

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