Dollar stores

Best, worst deals at dollar stores

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Now that dollar stores are “hot” again in this economy, someone needs to burst the bubble that all the deals at dollar stores are good ones. They’re not. The worst deals at dollar stores tend to be kids’ party favors and toys with small parts. Watch out for items such as bubble blowing liquid in containers that do not identify the liquid in case a child drinks it, said Consumer Reports. Other bad deals include electrical products such as extension cords and lamps with fake UL labels, medication including aspirin and other meds past expiration dates, vitamins, and kids jewelry that may contain lead, even though the items were recalled years ago. In my own price comparisons, I have found that facial tissue, plastic storage bags, brand name household cleaners and brand name bar soap can usually be found for less at discounters such as Target or Wal-Mart or clearance stores such as Brand Name Deals in Fridley.

The best deals, said Consumer Reports in its September issue of ShopSmart, are heavy duty aluminum foil, gift wrap (but not tissue paper), cotton rounds for removing makeup and party supplies such as gift bags, ribbon, greeting cards, decorations and balloons.

 Comparison shoppers, what best or worst deals have you found at dollar stores?