The lowest prices on fitness gear at a……supermarket?

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

My favorite place to buy fitness gear this week? Not Target, Wal-Mart or Joe’s Sporting Goods. It’s Aldi, the supermarket. Don’t you love the weird assortment of non-food items, usually a cheap imitation of a name brand item. Some weeks there’s a computer, printer, panini maker, toys or even clothing. This week it’s workout accessories including a 32-lb. dumbbell set for $40 (3 pairs of 3-lb., 5-lb., and 8-lb. soft-coated weights in a storage rack. What looked like the same set at was selling for $60 on sale. Aldi also has a jogging trampoline for 440, a training ball for $7 and ladies workout gear for $10.

I can’t speak to the quality, but Aldi does have a money-back guarantee. I’d say the odds of trying to return a defective jogging trampoline will be much higher at Aldi on the 89th day than at Target. Keep your reciept of course. Anyone ever had any trouble returning items at Aldi/ i’ve returned several items (green potatoes, for example) and never had a problem.