Austad’s losing its lease means deals for golfers

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Dealspotter Matt passed along a tip for golfers. Austad’s in Blaine (648 NE. County Rd. 10, 763-784-4202) is losing its lease at the end of July. A store rep said Wednesday that the store is expected to remain open through July or August. Everything is currently at least 15 percent off. Clothing is discounted more heavily. This is a good opportunity to pick up pro-line irons that never go on sale from Nike or Calloway.

Thanks for the tip, Matt. If you spot a retailer with “store closing” signs in the window or new markdowns in a department store or a great happy hour special, let me know. I may include it in the blog.

 Re: Suggestions for Target. I forwarded my post “Hey Target, could you do these 10 things for us?” to a Target representative.  When I get a response, I’ll pass it along.

Free day of paintball (well, almost free)

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Get a free day of field paintball from the Great Day of Play site. Once at the site, put in the code PBn, click on ”Submit,”  and then click on the large words “Free entry fee.” You’ll be asked to put in your email address. It took about 20 minutes before my coupon email arrived, which can be redeemed at many area paintball and splatball fields. (Enter your zip code on the site to find ones near you.)

 The only gotcha I noticed is that each coupon user must buy 500 paintballs (about $20) but the day’s admission, rental of semi-auto paint marker, mask, ammo pouch and air fill are free. Two coupons are sent per email, so figure the offer is a $70 value.  The coupon expires 30 days from print date. 

Strong side and leapfrog strategies? Discuss. (Okay, I don’t honestly know even one blessed paintball shooting tactic. I just like to blast the gun.)