Add Discount 70 to your list

Monday, July 28th, 2008

I like to call Central Avenue from Columbia Heights from Fridley to Columbia Heights “bargain boulevard.” Along with Brand Name Deals, Savers, Mike’s Discount Foods, Slumberland Clearance Center and dollar stores, plenty of good deals lie in wait to be discovered. My favorite place for bargains, followed closely by Brand Name Deals, is Discount 70 (4027 Central Av. NE., 763-781-8922). Everything is discounted, er, 70 percent or more. The best deals I’ve found there are furniture (new annex), TVs (many DLPs and flat panels), and clothing for all ages.

This morning I stopped by and found wine and beverage centers. You know–the fancy ones to chill white wine. A Magic Chef dual temperature model that holds up to 44 bottles or 140 cans is $215. Smaller ones from Vinotemp are also available for about $40. Most are slightly scratched or dented.

Just looking for an el cheapo dorm frig? Try Brand Name Deals ( for the small refrigerators starting at $80.