Thrift stores

10 items to buy at thrift stores

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Thrift stores don’t bother me as much as antique stores. My brain hates the overload of TOO MUCH STUFF that plague nearly all antique stores and many thrift stores. It’s been my experience that all thrift stores that carry household goods tend to always have a decent supply of the following 10 items that I’m suggesting should never be purchased new except in a  pinch. Thrifters, feel free to add to the list. I’d also like to hear about your doves (good thrift stores) and dives (bad thrift stores).

1. Wicker baskets

2. Curling irons  

3. Corningware bakeware (with lids can be harder to find)

4. Steam irons (test first)

5. Aquariums (test for leaks; most stores will let you)

6. Champagne glasses (usually the wide, shallow vintage styles)

7. Alarm clocks (test the alarm and the time in the store)

8. Small kitchen appliances such as crockpots, rice cookers, pizza ovens, waffle makers, and grills. Plug them in for testing first. It’s a good way to road-test an appliance before you decide to stick in the back of the cupboard until you move or your loved ones move it for you.

9. Kids clothes

10. Flower vases (all sizes, all varieties)