Does flying make you nervous?

Posted on August 5th, 2009 – 9:24 PM
By Elizabeth Larsen

The news that a plane flying from Rio to Texas experienced such bad turbulence–in clear weather, no less–that 26 people were injured, was not an upper for those of us who are nervous fliers. I say us, because even though I’m a travel writer, I get panicky during mid-air turbulence. Sure, I’ve read that a plane can basically lose a wing and still land safely. I know that I’m safer flying above the Atlantic than driving down Lake Street. And I can even appreciate that the Rio to Texas flight is actually a positive story–no one died; the plane remained intact despite its impromptu roller coaster ride. But those facts mean almost nothing to me when a plane starts rocking.

How about you? Does flying make you nervous? If you’ve overcome a fear of flying, how did you do it?

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