Oil and Anti-freeze Don’t Mix!

Posted on February 27th, 2007 – 12:45 PM
By La Velle

Today’s been a tough day, from an organizational standpoint. I tried to call my baseball editor, Dennis Brackin, once news of Jesse Crain’s contract broke. But my baseball editor was at home.

Apparently, he mistakenly put anti-freeze in the oil intake of his daughter’s Jetta. He mentioned something about foreign cars and not being able to read labels. The car was taken to the shop for a DOUBLE oil change.

I was helpless for hours. I hope our coverage didn’t reflect the lack of leadership…
Anyway, the Twins just beat Concordia 7-2. Denard Span, Alexei Casilla and Garrett Jones all had big games, with Jones hitting a long home run off of freshman Blake Devries, brother of Twins prospect Cole Devries. Gardy came over the next inning and explained that Jones played winter ball and is sharp at the plate. Poor Blake’s team is just playing in its sixth game.

I was late to the game because I was watching Sir Sid throw batting practice. I got there just in time to see Alexander Smit get knocked around a little bit by the metal bat-wielding Golden Bears. Someone hit a long homer off him. The, `ping!’ is still ringing in my ears.

A Twins official cautioned that Smit can’t do much offseason throwing since he lives in Holland and usually gets off to a slow start in spring training. I’m guessing any indoor facility there has a goal and a net in it and not a mound.

That’s all from me. Now we’ll wait for Brackin to put his car troubles behind him and lead us…..


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