Sidney, Jesse and Me!

Posted on February 27th, 2007 – 11:19 AM
By La Velle


Sidney Ponson is throwing batting practice as I write this. I’m not behind the cage, but I can tell from the pressbox that he’s got good stuff.

He’s facing Joe Mauer, Ken Harvey and Josh Rabe. While a few pitches have been in the dirt or off the plate, only one ball so far has been hit in the air, a blooper by Harvey. That suggests his sinker is working.

O.K., a Twins official and I just finished chatting while Sidney finished up. Harvey’s was the only ball hit in the air on a day in which the wind is blowing out to right. Impressive, but still need to see him in a game.

Speaking of Sidney and games, there’s no telling when he’ll pitch for the Twins. A club official said it’s a government matter, so it will be tough in the post 9/11 era to get his Mar. 9 date moved up so he can get his visa earlier. Gardy and Terry Ryan were not happy when I talked to them about it yesterday. 

Jesse Crain has agreed to a three-year contract, a good move for the Twins.

And I’ve just completed my second podcast of camp. So check it out while I catch the rest of the Twins-Concordia throwdown…


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