Twins-Pirates: Lineups

Posted on March 31st, 2007 – 10:45 AM
By La Velle

The game is being broadcasted on the Fox SportsNet outlet in Pittsburgh. So check it out if you have the sports package on the dish.

If not, go to the neighbor who has the package, pretend to borrow a mitre saw then pretend you had no idea the Twins game was on. Plop down on the sofa, ask for some munchies and don’t move until the Final Four games are over.

Pirates: Chris Duffy, Jack Wilson, Jason Bay, Adam LaRoche, Ronnie Paulino, Xavier Nady, Jose Bautista, Jose Castillo, Humberto Cota. Pitching: Paul Maholm

Twins: Castillo, Punto, Batting Champ, Cuddy, MVP, Torii, Rondell, Cirillo, Bartlett. Pitching: Sir Sidney

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