One quick thing

Posted on April 14th, 2007 – 4:13 PM
By La Velle


Joe C. has the game tonight and Sunday, so there won’t be much game-related stuff here. I do want to post something I didn’t have in my gamer last night: Gardy’s response when I asked him to evaluate his offense against Scott Kazmir.

We know that great pitching shuts down offense. Tonight was great pitching. I don’t look at our offense in a bad way against that kid, that young man. He can throw the baseball. He had all his pitches working. He had a great change up. A great slider. Tonight’s a night you definitely tip your hat to that young man over there.”

I agree. Kazmir was impressive last night. But I still think his hitters should have done more damage this week as a whole. Carl Pavano and Casey Fossum should be knocked out of the game early.

Cuddy and Torii have to lay waste to left-handed pitchers. They have to of the best jobs in baseball: Batting around the M & M boys. Cuddy did homer off Fossum.

And do I really need to mention that Luis Castillo (3) has more RBIs than Joe Mauer (1).

That’s all for now. Have fun watching the game.

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