Friday morning foggies

Posted on April 20th, 2007 – 9:58 AM
By La Velle

Just landed in Kansas City after one of the worst red-eye flights I’ve ever taken. I was the one in the same row with the explosive two-year old. I was the one sitting in front of two guys who, all of a sudden, started dropping f-bombs on each other, freaking out everyone around them.

I was the one who was bumped three times by either a flight attendant or someone going to the bathroom. And I was the one who was rousted awake once I managed to fall asleep by the passenger next to me so she could use the bathroom.

Consequently, I’m the one with about 90 minutes of sleep last night.

I’m going to take  a nap, wake up, gather my thoughts and try to make it through a podcast before I head to the ballpark. I don’t expect Luis Castillo to be in the lineup today because of a strained quad. I expect Alexi Casilla to be in there. I expect Torii to play, but I’m not sure on Rondell White. I could be wrong. After all, I can’t think straight right now. 


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