May 2007

Twins-White Sox: Afternoon Delight

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Sorry for being late. It looks like Mauer will miss another week. I was trying to get to the bottom of things, and Terry Ryan was acting like I’ve put him on trial.

Luis Castillo has sore legs and needed today off. Throw in the off-day and he should be good to go by Friday.


White Sox: 1. Erstad, CF. 2. Iguchi, 2B. 3. Thome, DH. 4. Dye, RF. 5. Konerko, 1B. 6. Mackowiak, LF. 7. Crede, 3B. 8. Cintron, SS. Hall, C. Pitching: Garland.

Twins: 1. Tyner, DH. 2. Punto, 2B. 3. Cuddyer, RF. 4. Morneau, 1B. 5. Hunter, CF. 6. Kubel, LF. 7. Cirillo, 3B. 8. Heintz, C. 9. Bartlett, SS. Pitching: Baker.  

It’s Slowey!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

We haven’t been told yet, but Kevin Slowey has been told that he’s been promoted to the majors and will start on Friday in Oakland.

“I’m certainly elated,” Slowey told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle a little while ago. “It’s what you dream of, to pitch at the highest level. It’s kind of surreal. I hope it doesn’t knock me over on Friday.”

Slowey last pitched on Friday, so he’ll be well rested to face the A’s.

For the Seths of the world, lefty Brian Duensing has been promoted form Class AA New Britain to replace Slowey in the Rochester rotation.

The Twins will not announce who will go down to make room for Slowey until after Wednesday’s game.

Wonder What Will Happen Today?

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Just talked to Ramon Ortiz, and he’s taking his demotion to the bullpen in stride. He’s willing to help the team out in any way and thinks he may be able to get back whatever he lost while working out of the pen.

He has a little bit of experience as a reliever, going 1-2 with a 2.76 ERA in 20 appearances.

After Monday’s game, WGN in Chicago showed a highlight reel of Torii Hunter’s catches through the years against the White Sox. It’s obvious that the feeling there is that Torii has been a pain in their side. It could also serve as a recruiting video, because I wouldn’t be shocked to see the White Sox in line with other teams to bid on Hunter if he hits free agency.


White Sox (24-22): 1. Erstad, CF. 2. Cintron, 2B. 3. Thome, DH. 4. Dye, RF. 4. Konerko, 1B. 5. Pierzynski, C. 6. Crede, 3B. 7. Mackowiak, LF. 8. Uribe, SS. Pitching: John Danks.

Twins (25-25): 1. Castillo, 2B. 2. Punto, 3B. 3. Cuddyer, RF. 4. Morneau, 1B. 5. Hunter, CF. 6. Redmond, C. 7. Cirillo, DH. 8. Kubel, LF. 9. Bartlett, SS. Pitching: Bonser.


Other than that, it looks like a normal day after a controversial game….


I’m NOT Taking Down The Link, Bat-Girl!!

Monday, May 28th, 2007

We all learned last week that Bat-Girl was hanging up her mouse, and the tributes flowed.

My paper reported it harder than the Fancy Ray retirement. Tears rolled down my computer screen as I read Joe Christensen’s tale of heartbreak over losing one of his favorite stops on the internet.
I smirked at all this to-do about Bat-Girl.
Oh, you played it up Bat-Girl, you really did. You had your Batling in your arms for full effect, the Lego characters put on their finest performance. You had Little Nicky Punto and Aaron Gleeman drunk on the Bat-Girl kool-aid.
I’ve seen this all before.
You may be able to hoodwink the Upper Midwest, but we Chicagoans are experienced in dealing with sports figures (yes, you are one) claiming their careers are over.
Remember Ryne Sandberg? The Cubs great hung up his spikes in a unforgettable press conference in which his wife was treated with so much class she showed up in a sun dress. But old No. 23 returned.
Michael Jordan shut it down a couple times changed numbers. Changed teams. Kept playing.

Let’s even look at the master of the comeback, Roger Clemens, who received a standing ovation when he walked off the mound during the World Series with the Yankees (it’s true, the Yankees were actually in the World Series once) and claimed to be done. For someone who claims to be retiring, he sure keeps popping up and getting outrageous sums of money.
So I”m not buying this, Bat-Girl. I smell an online version of the Kansas City Shuffle here. I’m not going to have my heart broken and enter the Employee Assistance Program like Joe Christensen has (I’m not sure I’m supposed to reveal that).
Admit it, Bat-Girl. You’re reading right out of the Michael Jordan playbook of un-retirements. You and Howard Sinker probably are plotting your, `dramatic,’ return at this moment.
I’ve got you tabbed for at least two encore performances.

I’m not going to fall for this subterfuge.

I’m not going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe.

Come clean, Bat-Girl…

About Last Night….and About Today…

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

 I’m sure many will lament some of the baserunning decisions by the Twins on Saturday. Scott Ullger sent Cuddy home in the third and he was thrown out. LNP took off for home on a bouncer in the fifth and was thrown out. Torii Hunter tried to stretch a single in the sixth and was thrown out.

I had no problems with the first two choices. You’ve got to run the bases aggressively and make opponents prove they can execute. Toronto put together a nice relay to throw Cuddy out – and my man Sal Fasano (former Royals prospect) blocked the plate well. The contact play was on when Punto took off for home, but the ball happened to be hit right at the shortstop. I thought Torii gambled the most when he tried to stretch his single but, again, Toronto made the play.

The Twins also have to be credited when things work out. Cuddy and Bartlett both made the correct decision to go from first to third on singles to left.

The other thing one of my friends wanted to know was why the Twins pitched to Lyle Overbay in the 13th with first base open. Overbay, a left-handed hitter, entered the game batting .203 against righthanders. So the Twins seemed to have the advantage with Matt Guerrier. The belief is that Guerrier could have gotten Overbay out if he throws the curveball to drop out of the strike zone and makes Overbay chase.

I’m at the park now. It’s too early to know what the Twins will do with Ortiz. I will tell you this: I sensed that the coaching staff wants to make the change, but the front office historically is patient with these things.

Joe Mauer is doing a bunch of exercises in the outfield as I write this. He’s done lunges, sprints and some weird drill in which he gets down on his stomach then suddenly rolls over, pops up and dashes off. 


Blue Jays: 1. Alex Rios, RF. 2. Lyle Overbay, 1B. 3. Vernon Wells, CF. 4. Stairs, LF. 5. The Big Hurt, 1B. 6. Hill, 2B. 7. Phillips, C. 8. Roberts, 3B. 9. McDonald, SS.

Twins: 1. Castillo, 2B. 2. Cirillo, DH. 3. Cuddyer, RF. 4. Morneau, 1B. 5. Hunter, CF. 6. Kubel, LF. 7. Heintz, C. 8. Punto, 3B. Bartlett, SS. Pitching: Silva.