Twins-Pale Hose: Afternoon delight

Posted on May 10th, 2007 – 11:53 AM
By La Velle

Sorry this is late, but these noon games have a slower pace to them.


Castillo is sore and needs a day off for this quad and other parts to recover.

Hunter initially was going to DH after landing on his tailbone last night but said he was well enough to play in center.

Gardy told us before the game that, for now, the only help available is from within the organization.


White Sox: 1. Erstad, DH. 2. Ozuna, 3B. 3. A.J., C. 4. Konerko, 1B. 5. Dye, RF. 6. Mackowiak, LF. 7. Iguchi, 2B. 8. Sweeney, CF. 9. Uribe, SS. Pitching: Contreras.

Twins: 1. Punto, 3B. 2. Tyner, DH. 3. Hunter, CF. 4. Cuddyer, RF. 5. Morneau, 1B. 6. Redmond, C. 7. Kubel, LF. 8. L-Rod, 2B. 9. Bartlett, SS. Pitching: Silva. 

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