Midday musings

Posted on May 11th, 2007 – 11:54 AM
By La Velle

It will be interesting to see how the Twins respond to Ron Gardenhire’s talk after Thursday’s game. Looking back at the last couple of weeks, complaining about the offense – while valid- has been shortsighted. Even with the struggling at-bats, this team could be 20-14 if they field better, run the bases better and bunt better. Then the atmosphere would be better while everyone waits for the team to get healthy.

Jeremy Bonderman may not start on Sunday because of a blister. Gee, I wonder what the chances are that his possible replacement will be left-handed…

Joe C. is killing me with his minor league updates, but I’ve been ordered to write the first minor league report of the year. Look for it Sunday. I’ll probably have a Ken Harvey update because the man has had yet another setback…

That reminds me. I want to list reliable blogs of the Twins’ minor league teams. I know Jim Mandelaro has one for the Rochester Red Wings, and I believe there’s one that covers the New Britain Rock Cats. Is there one for the A-ball teams? Let me know here. Thanks!

Here’s a link to the Chicago Tribune page, where there’s video of Hawk Harrelson interviewing Bert Blyleven. Nothing earth-shattering, but it just made me smirk to see those two characters together. Go to the bottom of the video box and scroll over until you see the picture of them.

One more thing…..the latest podcast will be up in a couple hours. Enjoy….

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