Morneau update. Twins-Jays lineups

Posted on June 26th, 2007 – 4:31 PM
By La Velle


Justin Morneau is scheduled to address the media at 5:20 today. It will be his first comments since he blasted into Miguel Olivo on Friday.

[UPDATE] Morneau isn’t sure when he will return, but he appearently won’t need to go on the disabled list…

 “I don’t want to put a date on it,’’ Morneau said, “You don’t want to push it too much, then all of a sudden I’m out for two or three weeks. You want to take that extra two or three days and make sure it’s better and then be ready to go the rest of the way.
“We have to see how it goes, then I have to run around a little bit and see how it feels.’’ 

[MORE UPDATES:] Morneau was being examined by doctors a few minutes ago, so we could learn more about his timetable after the game.

Gardy is worried about his bullpen being worn out, but he can’t call up a 12th pitcher because he has a few banged up position players and needs options on the bench.

Gardy also said that Matt Garza is, “close,” so the Twins could have another pitching option ready if someone with the big club needs to be sent down…

The lineups are out, and there’s a new Twins first baseman….

Toronto (38-37): 1. Wells, CF. 2. Rios, RF. 3. Stairs, 1B. 4. Glaus, 3B. 5. Thomas, DH. 6. Zaun, C. 7. Hill, 2B. 8. Lind, LF. 9. McDonald, SS. Pitching: Marcum.


Twins (38-36): 1. Castillo, 2B. 2. Bartlett, SS. 3. Mauer, C. 4. Cuddyer, 1B. 5. Hunter, CF. 6. Kubel, LF. 7. Redmond, DH. 8. Tyner, RF. 9. Punto, 3B. Pitching: Scott, `The Outmaker,’ Baker.

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