Twins-Tigers: Post-sweep thoughts

Posted on July 19th, 2007 – 4:46 PM
By La Velle

Three one-run losses are tough to take, so it was predictable that the clubhouse would be silent after Thursday’s game.

“They missed some opportunities,” Detroit manager Jim Leyland said of the Twins, “but they won’t miss them the time we come here, I guarantee that.”

The Twins need the run of all runs right now, starting this weekend against the Angels.

Torii Hunter (sore left hammy) said after the game that he will be in the lineup on Friday against L.A.

Michael Cuddyer is having a MRI done on his right thumb. We should know more tomorrow.

Mike Redmond popped a knuckle during the game but kept playing (he had no choice).

Some things didn’t go the Twins way Thursday.

Carlos Guillen DID drop the throw from second base late in the game, but infielders usually get the benefit of the doubt as long as they attempt to pull the ball out of the glove.

It looked like Morneau was going get hit with the throw anyway, so I dispute the interference call. But he was thrown out at home plate anyway. The problem was that the wild pitch usually deflects left or right when it hits the backstop, not straight back. Bad bounce.

The strike zone floated during the game, that’s why Nathan was jawing with the home plate umpire after the tenth.

The Twins were shut out at home in a three game series for the first time since 2004.

Jason Bartlett has committed 39 percent of the Twins’ total errors this season.

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