Twins-Royals: No Trades. You’ll Play With This Bunch and You’ll Like It

Posted on July 31st, 2007 – 5:48 PM
By La Velle

The clubhouse continues to stew about the front office not making¬†a deal before the non-waiver trading deadline. Gardy is trying to guard against a letdown, giving us his, `If you’re going to cry about it, take your ball and go home,’ speech before the game. There will be more on this in the paper tomorrow – and Joe C.’s story¬†will be very juicy!!

Alexi Casilla is here. He’s not leading off today because Tyner is on fire (.533 over his last five games) but Alexi will get his chances to lead off.


Royals: 1. DeJesus, CF. 2. Grudzielanek, 2B. 3. Teahen, RF. 4. Brown, DH. 5. Gload, LF. 6. Gordon, 3B. 7.Smith, 1B. 8. Pena, Jr., SS. 9. LaRue, C. Pitching: De La Rosa.

Twins: 1. Tyner, RF. 2. Bartlett, SS. 3. Mauer, DH. 4. Morneau, 1B. 5. Hunter, CF. 6. Redmond, C. 7. Cirillo, 3B. 8. Ford, LF. Casilla, 2B. Pitching: Silva.

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