Twins-Cleveland: Boof needs to step up tonight

Posted on August 28th, 2007 – 5:03 PM
By La Velle

The Twins bullpen is worn down. Gardy said that Boof Bonser needs to pitch deep into tonight’s game things could get ugly.

Mike Redmond aggravated his middle finger again, but has no choice but to play. Gardy wants to play Chris Heintz at first, catch Redmond and use Justin Morneau as the DH on Wednesday, but he’s monitoring Redmond’s finger.

Kevin Slowey has been named International League pitcher of the year.


Twins: 1. Tyner, LF. 2. Bartlett, SS. 3. Hunter, CF. 4. Morneau, 1B. 5. Cuddyer, RF. 6. Kubel, DH. 7. Redmond, C. 8. Buscher, 3B. 9. Punto, 2B. Pitcher: Bonser.

Indians: 1. Sizemore, CF. 2. Cabrera, 2B. 3. Hafner, DH. 4. Martinez, C. 5. Garko, 1B. 6. Peralta, SS. 7. Lofton, LF. 8. Nison, RF. 9. Blake, 3B. Pitching: Westbrook.






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