Twins Postgame: They can’t win like this

Posted on August 28th, 2007 – 11:14 PM
By La Velle

The Twins are playing better baseball but they still can’t gain ground on Cleveland and Detroit. The thing about Tuesday’s loss is that the Twins killed themselves with mistakes.

Boof Bonser left a ball up to Travis Hafner and then fell behind 2-0 to Grady Sizemore. Both turned into homers. And it’s deflating when a team rallies to tie the game and then watches the other team take the lead back in the next frame.

Torii may have been safe at first when he dived back into the bag – but he shouldn’t have made that big of a turn in the first place.

Jason Bartlett got a bad bounced on the ball that ate him up in the first inning - but that run came around on Hafner’s homer.

And I agree with Gardy that the situation in the eighth called for a lefty reliever. But that’s a big situation to bring the inexperienced Cali into. I may have started Neshek. 

I think the offense is back to thinking it can score a few runs now, which could be a boost, but it’s not enough if they don’t clean up the other things.

In order to pull this off, they have to be on top of their game. Runners have to get moved over and driven in. Bases have to be run well. The defense has to be tight. By the way, did Nick Punto make one of the plays of the year, or what?

Jason Tyner has five career four-hit games.

Jason Bartlett is batting .514 over his last eight games.

Torii is batting .361 over his last 15 games.

 Joe Borowski leads the AL with 38 saves. How has he pulled that off?



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