Twins-Rangers: My thoughts on Brian Buscher.

Posted on September 18th, 2007 – 4:53 PM
By La Velle

I normally leave the lineup discussions to you readers, but L-Rod is starting at third base today and I disagree with the move.

I want to see more of Brian Buscher, regardless if his fielding evokes memories of me at third base this spring during the media softball game.

If Nicky P. is headed to second base next season, the Twins must look at every option in order to upgrade third base. Starting from within.

The major league averages for third baseman are a .273 batting average, 20 homers and 82 RBI (Thanks A-Rod). The Twins: .238-6-41. The Twins need to close this gap, to say the least. Buscher could be a decent third baseman. I’m not looking for 30 homers from him, I’ll take 15-18 homers with 80 RBI and a bunch of doubles from him. That would have done wonders for the Twins offense this season.

There’s no doubt that power makes things easier, but the Twins would have done a lot better offensively if they had a couple more players who can line a ball into a gap and pile up some doubles. Buscher could be that guy.

But I must admit that he’s looked shaky defensively. To be honest, he’s been blown up by some hot grounders. But Corey Koskie went from being bad with the glove to above average, and maybe Buscher can do the same if he works on his fielding.  

For now, I want to see Buscher in the lineup more.


Texas: 1. Catalanotto, 1B. 2. Kinsler, 2B. 3. Young, SS. 4. Byrd, CF. 5. Blalock, DH. 6. Botts, LF. 7. Murphy, RF. 8. Saltalamacchia, C. 9. Metcalf, 3B. Pitching: Millwood.

Twins: 1. Bartlett, SS. 2. Kubel, DH. 3. Mauer, C. 4. Hunter, CF. 5. Morneau, 1B. 6. Cuddyer, RF. 7. White, LF. 8. L-Rod, 3B. 9. Punto, 2B. Pitching: Silva.

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