Live from Kansas City

Posted on October 26th, 2007 – 5:02 PM
By La Velle

That’s right. I’m in town to hang out with some old friends. Don’t worry, Joe C. is on the clock in case there’s some, `real,’ news to report. Things are covered.

Anyway, one of the reasons I’m down here is for our annual fantasy basketball draft. The league began in the early 1990′s. Many of us have departed for other papers – the Strib, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, etc. – but we’ve used the league to keep in touch through the years.

I’m the co-owner of a team called, `The Fabricators of Funk.’ We have the first overall pick, then the order reverses so we have picks 24 and 25.

I know many of you are in hoops leagues. I know who we’re taking No. 1, but I’m looking for suggestions on who’s worthy for those 24th and 25 picks which will be huge (Luol Deng? Al Jefferson? Darren Williams? Dwight Howard?) What are your thoughts?

Oh, is this a baseball blog? The Boston Red Sox are the 2007 World Series champions. The title will be confirmed by Wednesday. I’m confident both Torii Hunter and Carlos Silva will negotiate with other teams during the offseason instead of accepting offers from the Twins because the offers won’t be enough to persuade them to sign, meaning the Twins will have to battle with other teams to keep them. There, I’ve talked baseball. Now help me…..

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