Elias Rankings released

Posted on October 31st, 2007 – 7:48 PM
By La Velle

The Elias Sports Bureau has released its annual player rankings – rankings that are used to determine compensation for teams that lose free agents.

Please be aware that the structure has changed! There are no more Type C free agents, and the pool for Type A free agents has shrunk from the top 30 percent to top 20 percent. Rankings are based on an Elias formula that examines production over the past two years.

With that in mind, check out the rankings for AL position players.

Torii Hunter is tied for 20th with Carl Crawford. The Type A list ends at 23. Keep in mind that outfielders are thrown into the same pot with first basemen and DH’s.

This means that if Hunter signs with another team before Dec. 1, the Twins will receive that club’s first-round pick in next year’s draft – as well as a sandwich pick between the first two rounds. In order to receive compensation after Dec. 1, the Twins would have to offer Hunter arbitration (if he hasn’t signed by then). That’s a formality.

The list of pitchers had not moved on the wire at the time of this writing, but a source told me that Carlos Silva tied for 37th on the list and did not qualify as an A- or B-type free agent. I thought Silva had a shot at B status, but his poor 2006 season cost him.

That means Silva could sign with another club and the Twins would receive nothing in return. I wish I knew what Philadelphia and other teams offered for Silva before the trade deadline. I know there was interest, but obviously not enough for the Twins. They must really want to have his veteran presence in the rotation next season.

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