Midday update

Posted on November 28th, 2007 – 11:56 AM
By La Velle

Got further confirmation today that the Twins want Clay Buchholz, Jacoby Ellsbury and prospects for Johan Santana, but Boston is reluctant to give them up.

We’ve also heard that several names have been kicked around during talks, including lefthander Jon Lester, shortstop Jed Lowrie, outfielder Brandon Moss and major leaguers Coco Crisp and Kevin Youkilis (note: got the impression that Youkilis’ name was barely kicked around).

It comes down to what combination the sides can agree on. The size of Santana’s contract extension will also determine how much Boston – or any team – is willing to give up.

The Yankees, Mets, Angels have reportedly spoken with the Twins about Santana, too. Stay tuned.

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