Silva gone, Bonser disappearing

Posted on December 20th, 2007 – 5:52 PM
By La Velle

Carlos Silva. To Seattle for four years and $48 million. Whoo.

Congratulations to Silva, who did extremely well in what was his window to maximize his earnings potential. If that’s what the market bears, more power to him and, darn, I should have conditioned better and played better defense when I had my chance in youth baseball.

“I did have a conversation with his agent (Thursday),” Twins GM Bill Smith said. “I’m happy for him. It’s a tremendous thing for Carlos Silva.” 

Silva was 47-45 in four seasons with the Twins, who gave him a chance to become a starter and eventually land such a fat contract.

He had his ups and downs. He usually didn’t hide his frustrations when he didn’t pitch well. He would snap at reporters sometimes and there were a couple times he dashed after games and didn’t speak with us. I never held that against him much because, with Silva, it was more about passion than defiance or arrogance. I get that. And he usually was fine the next time around. 

I’ll never forget when he threw the ball into the upper deck of the Dome after getting his first-ever complete game shutout in 2004 and then watched him go up to a couple Angels players during batting practice the next day and apologize for his actions.

He walked just nine batters in 188 innings that year, something I may never see again.

He took all kinds of heat this spring when he pitched beyond horribly but recovered with a decent season – 13-14 with a 4.19 ERA. He had two fewer wins and gave up 13 fewer homers than Johan Santana in what was a down year for the two-time Cy Young winner.

Now Silva is headed to good pitcher’s park with a good defensive outfield and two slick fielders on the left side of the Mariners infield. Good luck.

The Twins do NOT receive any draft pick compensation for losing Silva because Silva didn’t qualify as a Type A or B free agent, and there’s no longer a C-class….

Moving on to the Twins’ 2008 rotation, I talked to a few Twins folk today who reported that Boof Bonser has been working out religiously and has dropped about 20 pounds. That’s pretty good with about six weeks left before pitchers and catchers report for spring training (six weeks, geez).

Bonser has been in contact with Perry Castellano, the Twins’ strength and conditioning coordinator, throughout the offseason. The Twins were concerned that excess weight worked against Bonser last season, so they are pleased with how he’s responded.

“We look to Boof to have a big year next year,” Smith said. 


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