This Phil Humber option thing, Buck Buchanan musings. Two days before the first workout…

Posted on February 16th, 2008 – 12:55 PM
By La Velle

Phil Humber has one more option left.

When a player’s first contract is a major league contract, that player is granted a fourth option year.

Delmon Young is in a similar situation – not that the Twins will need to send him down.

Twins GM Bill Smith confirmed this on Saturday. I hope this clears everything up.

Not much to report today. Michael Cuddyer and Mike Redmond were spotted on the back field working out. Many players take the weekend off before workouts begin on Monday, especially those from the northern part of the country who land in Florida, look to the sky and exclaim, `Holy Hannah, is that the sun?!’ then scamper off to soak it in.

Before I go, I want to revisit yesterday’s post about about one of my favorite players to cover, Brian Buchanan.

Buchanan, a former Twins outfielder, has been working out at Lee County Sports Complex. Unable to find a niche in the majors, Buchanan spent last season in Japan and now is trying to hook up with Kansas City.

A few things come to mind whenever I see Buchanan, one of funnier guys I’ve covered.

1. Teammates always referred to him as, `Buck’ but, for some reason, David Ortiz always called him, `Buck Wild.’

2. Buchanan is listed at 6-4 and 230 pounds. His eating is legendary. Doug Mientkiewicz used the tell stories about the massive amounts of meat the Buchanans would buy, enough for two large freezers.

3. Buchanan is married to John Havlicek’s daughter, who’s no shorty. They have two sons I plan to track because they’ll either play basketball or be offensive linemen.

4. Buchanan debuted in 2000 and was around for the annual end of the year rookie hazing trip, during which they had to wear crazy outfits. Buchanan was handed a dress.

The next year, Buchanan hadn’t used up his rookie eligibility yet, so there he was in a dress again during rookie hazing.

“Buck, it stinks that you have to wear a dress for a second year,” I said to him.

His reply:

“Aw, that’s O.K. La Velle….I do this for my wife all the time.”


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