Monday morning…and you are?

Posted on February 18th, 2008 – 8:56 AM
By La Velle

In past springs, you’d see an unfamiliar face and wonder, “Who’s he?” This spring, five guys walk by and I’m like, “Who are those guys?”

Joe C. and I spent the morning introducing ourselves to a gaggle of new players in camp.

Philip Humber – Great guy. It’s Philip and not Phil. The H in Humber is silent.

Deolis Guerra – Very polite. He’s a biggun’ and it’s pronounced Day-OH-leece (rough phonetics here).

And other stuff… 

Ricky Barrett has lost about 15 pounds from winter ball.

Boof Bonser strutted into the clubhouse pointing to his lack of stomach.  He looks like he’s lost more than 25 pounds.

Answering some questions from yesterday:

Jama: I know you are a fantasy player. Any suggestions on a top 10 Fantasy Baseball list?

No. I haven’t played fantasy baseball in 15 years. I am doing rather poorly in a fantasy hoops league though.

Greg: Of the players picked in Minor league phase, would the Twins reclaim any of them?

Also, what do scouts do in the winter? Difference between an area scout, professional, advance.

Not sure which players the Twins would want back. I’ll see what I can find out.

As for scouting, draft preparations are heating up. I called Mike Radcliff, the Twins vice president of player personnel, late last week. He was at game scouting for the draft.

Me: “So where are you this time?”

Radcliffe: “Ah, If I told you I’d have to kill you.”

Terry Ryan has been known to check out high school games during spring training to look at potential draftees.

Area scouts focus on amateur talent. Major league scouts work spring training and look at players who may be cut or traded.

Un:Are there hotels near the ballpark? Is it easy to get around without a car? I’m thinking about going down there for a few days and wondering if I’ll need to rent a car or anything or if i can walk everywhere..

Un, there are hotels in the area, but you’re going to have to Google them. Good luck getting decent rate at this time of year.  And yes you need a car!!!!!!

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