Carl Crawford Continues His Billary-like Attack on Delmon Young

Posted on February 22nd, 2008 – 1:30 PM
By La Velle

 Carl Crawford kept the pressure on Delmon Young today with even more blistering comments about Young’s stint with the Rays. Crawford apparently didn’t like how Young responded to his initial criticism.

Here’s part of what he said:

“Nobody ever said he was the reason why we lost games. We know that. We said it was a more at-ease environment, which is true. And second of all, I have no problem with coming directly to his face and telling him whatever it is he needs to know. Nobody’s waiting till he leaves. Nobody cares about him leaving. For him to say we want to act like Toby Hall and leave, nobody’s doing that. Trust me. Me personally? Tell him this is a direct statement from me; I will come say it directly to his face. If he wants to know, if he is not sure about anything, I’ll say it directly to his face. I’d be more than happy to say it to his face. Make sure he gets that.”

Crawford also questioned why Young aligned himself with Dukes: “He always wants to feel like if he can say him and Dukes, he feels protected that Dukes has his back or something like that.”

Young read a copy of the story but didn’t return fire, smiling and shrugging his shoulders at times as he spoke. “I’m not worried about anything. I’m just worried about the guys in this clubhouse and playing good ball down here.”

We’ll see how long this one drags on….

Dennys Reyes reported to camp today after getting a new passport. Alexi Casilla could make Saturday’s full-squad workout. The biggest news: Francisco Liriano, who is working out at the Twins’ Dominican academy, can pick up his documents Monday and could be in Fort Myers by Monday night.

Darnell McDonald has a sore back and will be somewhat limited for Saturday’s workout. Alejandro Machado, who missed all of last season because of shoulder surgery, is still trying to build strength in the shoulder and will be held out of some drills.



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