Sunday sights

Posted on February 24th, 2008 – 8:35 AM
By La Velle

Sunday is weigh-in day at the ol’ ballpark – another opportunity for Boof Bonser to show off his new ‘bod. Bonser strutted toward the scale as strength coach Perry Castellano sat nearby with his chart.

Bonser has lost about 30 pounds since the end of last season – he’s in the 230′s now – and it’s easy to tell that his confidence is sky high.

Several players hit the field at 8:30 for bunting practice before the regular workout began. Jerry White and Rod Carew went over proper bunting techniques and used a pitching machine to fire baseballs at hitters.

Joe Vavra tossed balls to Justin Morneau in the batting cage then helped Alexi Casilla with his swing.

Joe Nathan strutted into the clubhouse wearing a Tennessee t-shirt one day after the Vols knocked off Memphis. Front runner.

By the way, I feel sorry for college basketball when teams like Tennessee and Memphis are ranked so high. Seriously, does Memphis run any offense than having the point guard break someone down and then either shoot or kick out to a teammate for a three-pointer? At least Tennessee tried to run screens and move without the ball.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire is going to have a few players take grounders at first base so there’s options when Justin Morneau needs a day off (how much rest does a first baseman need?). Brian Buscher shifted to first for some work on Saturday and Mike Lamb eventually will get some work over there too.

Gardenhire usually hangs out with the infielders during workouts, but since he’s going to have a starting center fielder not named Torii Hunter, he said he will watch outfield work closely this spring.


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