Watching Carew Work…Among Other Things

Posted on February 25th, 2008 – 8:33 AM
By La Velle

Today is photo day, so players were scattered all over the ballpark, which stinks. Joe C., Jim Souhan and I barrelled into the clubhouse between 7:45 and 8 a.m. ready to work but couldn’t find the people we were looking for.

I walked out to the batting cage, and saw one player – Craig Monroe – working with Rod Carew and Twins hitting coach Joe Vavra.

Carew mentioned during TwinsFest how he wanted Monroe to use more of the field after being very pull-happy last season. Monroe was all ears on this morning (who wouldn’t be?) as Carew walked him through some mechanical tips. Vavra jumped in at times to show Monroe what he was doing right, with Carew nodding his head in agreement. It looked like Vavra and Carew work well together.

Adam Everett showed up, so Vavra took him to another tee to work on his swing. As Carew talked with Monroe minor league hitting instructor Bill Springman showed up and joined in the conversation. Springman, if you remember, was the Class AAA hitting coach in 2000 who motivated Torii Hunter when he was sent down.

It seems like Carew has a good working relationship with the other hitting coaches. The influence he has with them may be just as important as his dealings with players.

Bob Watson, MLB’s czar of discipline, is scheduled to visit the coaching staff after the workout. Wonder if he has to collect any outstanding fines from Gardy?

Don’t know if there will be an afternoon post. If that Bonds signing happens, I’ll let you know….




(just kidding)

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