My Ears Are Still Ping-ing…..

Posted on February 26th, 2008 – 2:15 PM
By La Velle

Oh boy, I never get enough of these Concordia-Twins throwdowns. I always love how the Concordia fans hang on every pitch. They rode home plate umpire Rick Stelmaszek throughout Tuesday’s exhibition.

“I made the right calls,” Stelly argued. “I was 98.5 percent on QuesTec. I’m going to the playoffs.”

Concordia appeared to pull off a perfect hit and run to put runners on first and third in the second inning. That is, until I went over to Concordia dugout after the inning to get a media guide.

“Anyone notice what went wrong out there,” Concordia Coach Lunch McKenzie said to his team while he walked back and forth. “Anyone? There was nothing on for that play but he went anyway. That’s O.K. You made me look good.”

There was no truth to the rumor that Twins fans were chanting for Phillip Hughes as Philip Humber, Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra all had their moments on the mound. Humber’s results were the worst: A two run-double followed by a two-run homer in the second inning (I think it was the second, there was no official scorekeeper). I can still hear the pings – although the home run would have went out if it was hit with a bat…and a nerf ball.

Again, it’s way to early to get nervous.

The Twins won 7-5. Tommy Watkins and Randy Ruiz homered. Rincon was shaky. Carmen Cali gave up a homer but argued that it bounced over the fence. Gardy, the first base umpire, checked with the center fielder “Home run,” Gardy ruled.

Peter Greenberg, the agent for a former Twins Cy Young winner, also is Guerra’s agent and was at the game. He told me the story of how Guerra hit 87-88 on the gun at age 17 then jumped to 92-93 at 18. He said Guerra called him in shock, trying to figure out what he did to throw harder.

“You got a year older,” Greenberg said to him.

Wednesday is review day at camp, as the Twins go over everything they worked on the past several days as they prepare to face Cincinnati on Thursday in Sarasota.

Scott Baker will start and pitch two innings, followed by two innings from Glen Perkins. Matt Guerrier, Pat Neshek and Casey Daigle are also scheduled to pitch.

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