More Franchise Thoughts

Posted on February 27th, 2008 – 10:56 AM
By La Velle

I know Joe C. is musing about Liriano today, but I wanted to pile on.

Brian Duensing, warming up two spots from Liriano, threw harder than Franchise in the bullpen, but it sounds like it was by design.

The Twins were worried that Liriano would steamroll through his bullpen session with mega fastball after mega fastball – not acceptable for someone coming off of Tommy John surgery. So they had him back off. One Twins official I chatted with seemed to be pleased that Liriano threw as if it was Feb. 19 and not the 27th.

I stood on a stairway deck that’s behind the catchers and about 30 feet above the bullpen as Liriano threw. It looked like he threw all his pitches. He also looked like he was a little winded toward the end. Nerves? Possible. The cold and windy weather? It’s overcast and in the 60′s today, and Liriano has been pitching in warmer weather.

There were four photographers and one TV crew in addition to the group of Twin Cities baseball hacks who cover the team. In our market, that’s a media horde.

Oh well, on with the rest of camp. Duensing finished warming up and took to the mound on the main field to throw batting practice to Denard Span, Delmon Young, Michael Cuddyer and Tommy Watkins. Span had a few nice opposite field liners off Duensing. Young flat-out hits the ball hard. I can’t wait to see him in games.

Cuddyer pulled off a veteran move before the workout, putting his feet in plastic bags and wrapping tape around his ankles to keep them in place – then putting his cleats on.


Today was sliding practice. Players take off their shoes to run across the outfield then slide on the grass to practice the proper technique. Socks get soaked with moisture from the grass and are soggy for the remainder of the workout, which Cuddyer hates. So on went the baggies…..


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