Has The Decision on Liriano Been Made?

Posted on April 25th, 2008 – 12:42 AM
By La Velle

I’m changing planes and about to catch a red-eye to Dallas. Got online and read a story in the Rochester newspaper that Bobby Korecky has been called up.

The Twins have not officially announced this move, but it’s standard practice for the player to be called up to be told before we’re told. And I’m sure the travel is a factor in this news not being released by the club.

As the story points out, either Francisco Liriano or Brian Bass could be headed to Rochester to create a spot for Korecky. My guess is that it’s Liriano. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire hinted strongly that Liriano needed to go to the minors and regain his confidence after falling apart against Oakland on Thursday.

Don’t forget, the Twins have three off days over an eight-day stretch starting on Monday. They could go with a four-man rotation for awhile, and this allows Gardenhire to have a fresh arm in Korecky in the bullpen after using his bullpen in relief of Liriano.

Good for Korecky. He’s not overpowering but he’s on the 40-man roster and is getting his chance.

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