Twins pregame: Matt Tolbert to have surgery

Posted on May 20th, 2008 – 4:31 PM
By La Velle

After being examined on Tuesday, Twins infielder Matt Tolbert said that he will have surgery on Thursday to repair a torn ligament in his left thumb. He’ll need about 5-6 weeks to recover before resumes baseball activities, so it could be closer to two months before he plays again.

Tolbert was examined by Twins’ hand specialist Dr. Tom Varecka, who looked at Tolbert’s reports for just one minute before agreeing with an earlier recommendation that the infielder needed surgery.

Tolbert isn’t an expert, but said he was told that the ligament is torn away from the bone.

“100 percent recovery, supposedly.” Tolbert said. “I’m just ready to get it done.”

Tolbert injured his thumb when he dived for first base on Thursday while making the final out of the game.

In other news….

Watched an interesting drill on the field today. Justin Morneau, Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer and Craig Monroe all spent time at home plate, where a ball was placed on a tee for them to swat at.

Sounds dull, but it helps a hitter stay on the ball and focus on hitting it so it has backspin, which helps it carry more. Doing it on the field, instead of in a batting cage, allows them to see where the ball travels….

Here’s a link to a Baseball America story about the Twins developing a solid amount of pitching prospects. We can complain about the lack of good position prospects in the minors but the Twins still have pitchers in the system other teams wished they had.

5:31 update: Francisco Liriano had another solid outing for Class AAA Rochester in a midday game against Syracuse. The Red Wings lost, but check out Liriano’s line here.

And now….the lineups.

Rangers (22-24): 1. Ian Kinsler, 2B. 2. Michael Young, SS. 3. Josh Hamilton, RF. 4. Milton Bradley, DH. 5. David Murphy, LF. 6. Marlon Byrd, CF. 7. Chris Shelton, 1B. 8. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C. 9. German Duran, 3B. Pitching Doug Mathis.

Twins (22-22): 1. Carlos Gomez, CF. 2. Alexi Casilla, 2B. 3. Joe Mauer, C. 4. Justin Morneau, 1B. 5. Michael Cuddyer, RF. 6. Jason Kubel, DH. 7. Delmon Young, LF. 8. Mike Lamb, 3B. 9. Adam Everett, SS. Pitching: Glen Perkins.

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