Monday afternoon musings

Posted on June 23rd, 2008 – 4:00 PM
By La Velle

Is there such a thing as a Milwaukee Surge? The Twins think so.

“The last three years we’ve played poorly going into Milwaukee, and the last three years we’ve come out of Milwaukee playing well.”

The Twins have won eight of their last nine games, starting with a win on June 13 at Miller Park after Ron Gardenhire addressed the team.

In recent years, the Twins have played poorly heading into Milwaukee but turn things around there.

2008: Twins enter Milwaukee losers of 8 of 10 but then win 9 of 11. Gardenhire addresses club.

2007: Twins enter Milwaukee losers of 10 of 13 but then win 10 of 13. Players call a meeting and decide that everyone will cut their hair short. Joe Nathan calls his wife to warn her. Nick Punto worries that his hair won’t grow back.

2006: Twins enter Milwaukee losers of five straight but then win 8 of 12 – this was when Francisco Liriano opened the series with his first win as a starter and Tony Batista hit a grand slam.

2005: Twins enter Milwaukee losers of 9 of 13 but win seven of eight. Two of the losses were against the Brewers though.

What is it about Milwaukee? The Beer? They want to stick it to Bud Selig?

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire guessed it’s because so many Twins fans show up it feels like a home game. “It’s a good atmosphere. They are around the hotel. They are screaming and yelling. It’s one of those things that uplifts you pretty good.”

  • Now that Miami is out of the College World Series, the Twins will sit down this week with first-round pick Carlos Gutierrez (RHP) and 26th rounder Adan Severino (OF).
  • The Twins also haven’t signed their supplemental round pick, righthander Shooter Hunt, but I haven’t heard about any snags.
  • I have heard that it may not look good for the Twins in trying to sign sixth-round pick B.J. Hermsen (RHP) and 29th rounder Joe Loftus, from Holy Angels. It looks like they will attend Oregon State and Vanderbilt, respectively. This happens. Teams take a shot at persuading kids to not go to school and it often doesn’t work out.
  • First-round pick Aaron Hicks was 2 for 4 on Sunday for the Twins Gulf Coast League team in his first full game as a pro. His debut game on Saturday was cut short by rain.

That’s all for now. You’ve got Joe C. for the San Diego trip before the Twins return for a three-team homestand.

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