Twins Talk, But No Action

Posted on July 31st, 2008 – 12:25 PM
By La Velle

Twins GM Bill Smith and his posse of experts spent part of Thursday huddled in a conference room, then gathered in Smith’s office as they tried to swing a deal before the 3 p.m. no-waiver trade deadline. But they came up empty.

Here’s a little of what I’ve picked up since the deadline.

They weren’t as desperate to make a deal as they have been in recent years. but still tried to land right-handed hitting help and bullpen help.

They were willing to take on payroll, therefore they didn’t feel they needed to give up a lot of prospects as well. That explains the lack of a Adrian Beltre deal.

There was a strong desire to keep Scott Baker, Nick Blackburn, Kevin Slowey and Glen Perkins. They feel they have a quartet that will be a force to be reckoned with – until someone gets too expensive to keep, of course.

I wonder who will go in order to make room for Franchise?

Gotta get ready for Bill Smith’s presser at 4:30. I now return you to my earlier posts on this blog…

Received more indications late last night that the Twins want to get Liriano up here ASAP. So stay tuned for a potentially interesting roster adjustment if the Twins don’t make a trade before the 3 p.m. non-waiver deadline.

And there was a report yesterday about the Twins asking about Rich Aurilia. I was told last night that it was more the other way around, with the Giants dangling him.

The Giants had one of their top scouts at yesterday’s game. Boof Bonser is a former Giants first-round draft pick. Hmmmm. I’m not putting a Bonser-for-Aurilia swap together,  but maybe there could be someone else or a minor leaguer involved.

Was told last night that there was a, `little bit,’ of a market for Bonser, who’s 26 and still has upside. He was an out away from a solid outing last night but couldn’t get Paul Konerko out.

12:43 update: Griffey in the AL Central, can’t believe it.

Now there are reports on what we heard a couple days ago - that reliever J.J. Putz is availale. Also talked to a scout who warned, `buyer beware,’ on Putz because of his elbow.

Just read about Annibal Sanchez being activated from the DL. Wow. Forgot about him. This has nothing to do about a trade, by the way. I just remember the no-hitter he threw.

1:09 update: The San Francisco Chronicle suggests  that Jose Castillo is the player the Twins are interested in.

2:00 update: Just got off the phone with minor league director Jim Rantz. Luke Hughes is being promoted to Class AAA Rochester. Shooter Hunt starts tonight for Beloit. And Liriano is scheduled to start at Rochester on Friday, but we’ll see.

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